Player's Pledge

Sacred Heart School Athletics Player Pledge

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  • I will my give my best effort in every practice and game.  As long as we, as a team, give our best effort we can as always be proud of ourselves.

  • I will continue to learn and improve every time I come out to practice or game.  If I get better than when I started than I am a winner.

  • Mistakes are part of learning , you can’t learn without making mistakes.  If I make a mistake I will move on and learn from it.  I will also encourage my teammates and opponents.

  • Rules keep the game fair.  I will always play by the rules.

  • I promise I will respect our opponents.  Without opponents we would not have a game or the ability to improve ourselves.

  • I will respect the officials and all the calls they make even if I don’t agree.

  • I will respect my teammates and coaches.  I will treat them as I would like them to treat me.  I will encourage and support them on and off the playing field.  Being of a team is an important life lesson about learning to work together towards a common goal.

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