Parent & Coach Conduct Pledge

Sacred Heart School Athletics Parent & Coach Pledge

This new Sacred Heart School Athletics Parent & Coach Pledge was started in December, 2012.  We would like to thank all of you for abiding by these guidelines during the course of the season.  

Please read the following guidelines below and return with both parents signatures.

  • I will set an example for my child by honoring the game, respecting the rules, opponents, officials, and teammates.  If I disagree with an official’s call, I will honor the game and be silent.  I will engage in “no-directions cheering”, limiting my comments during the game to encouraging my child and other players (from both teams).

  • I will use positive encouragement towards my children, their teammates, coaches, and officials.  I will use self-control to avoid losing my composure if I grow frustrated.

  • I will refrain from negative comments about my child’s coach in my child’s presence so that I do not negatively influence my child’s motivation and overall experience.

  • I will be focused on the goal of using sports to teach life lessons, while leaving the goal of winning to the players and coaches.

  • I will be prompt picking my child up from practices and games.

  • As parents it is our responsibility to set the examples for our children to live by.  

By signing below I am agreeing to be responsible for my family and friends to also respect the Sacred Heart School Athletics Parent & Coach Pledge.

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Athlete’s Name (Please Print)  Parent Signature & Date

Date: ___________________  

Thank you for your cooperation, Ms. King

cc:  Mr. Schatz