Grades TK - 3


PE Information

TK ~ 3rd grade


Welcome to PE for the new school year!  We are very excited for our new year and would like to share with you important information regarding PE.  Grades TK through 3 have PE twice a week.  We are fortunate to have the exclusive use of American Heroes Park during the school day.   The park is locked and closed to the general public from 8:00 am until 5:00 pm.  Each PE period starts with warm-up exercises and a warm-up jog.  We then will play some sort of organized game determined by the grade level.  We work on encouraging students to enjoy the benefits of physical activity, trying new things and the benefits of being team players with good sportsmanship.  


On PE days please send your student to school wearing appropriate (athletic type) shoes so that they will not incur any injuries. They may also wear the approved PE shorts and tee shirt on PE day.  Please NO “skater shoes”, slip-ons, mary-janes, or boots on PE days.  Please send a water bottle filled with water with their name on it. This should be in addition to any water you may send for lunch.  Please no sports drinks.  We recommend wearing some type of slider pants under the PE shorts for modesty.  The PE schedule is listed below for your convenience.  Ms. King teaches grades 4 through 8 PE, Mrs. Synegard teaches grades K through 3and will be accompanied by the aide from each class.


If your student has an injury or illness a doctors’ note will be an excused absence from PE that day.  A parent note will be an unexcused absence for PE that day.  For their own well-being students will sit in the office or classroom and they will also sit at the lunch tables during recess and lunch with a book.  Otherwise everyone is expected to participate.



                   Transitional Kinder                Tuesday and Thursday  1:30

                          Kindergarten                         Tuesday and Thursday 1:15

                          1st Grade                                Monday and Wednesday  2:00

                          2nd Grade                                Monday and Wednesday  1:15

                          3rd Grade                                Tuesday and Thursday  2:00



We look for toward a great year,


Ms. Nora King, Director of Athletics and PE Teacher

Ms. Dolores Synegard, PE Teacher