Sacred Heart School

After School Sports Program

The Sacred Heart Saints belong to the Antelope Valley Christian Athletic League.  This instructional league includes Sacred Heart, St. Mary’s, AV Adventist, Grace Lutheran, Bethel Christian and Westside Christian. Our fall season sports are Cross Country, Soccer(co-ed) and Volleyball(co-ed), winter season is time for boys and girls Flag Football and Basketball, and spring season is Softball(co-ed). Our sports program is for junior high students only except for cross country which is open for 4th through 8th graders with qualifying times. Our cheerleading program is open for junior high boys and girls. See Mrs. Contreras for more info on cheer.

Students interested in any of our sports teams should look on the Sports Board outside of 5th grade for sign-up and try-out sheets.  These are posted just prior to the start of the respective season. To be eligible a student must have 2.0 GPA in the 6 core subjects, an “S” or better in conduct, and must have 100% participation in PE.  A Grade/Conduct form will need to be signed by each teacher before a seasons begins. It is available for download in the tab or in the office. If a student does not meet these requirements they will not be considered for any sports team.

Game schedules will be posted on the sports board and information will be relayed to the student-athlete. Check the school website calendar and the athletic forms tab for an additional downloadable copy (also available in the school office). Parents are responsible for transportation to games and also responsible for prompt pick-up after practices and games.

Please refer any questions regarding sports to me via my email at

We are always looking for parent “Instructional” League volunteer
Coaches, and scorekeepers. Need fingerprints and VIRTUS.

Christy Anthony
SHS Athletic Director