Parent Handbook


Sacred Heart School

2017 - 2018

Revised 4.24.17


Mission Statement

Sacred Heart School shares in the mission of the Catholic Church in educating the whole child to live the Gospel values as they strive for academic success, develop God-centered relationships, and show respect for God’s creation.

Our Philosophy

Sacred Heart School believes:

That as an integral part of the ministry of Sacred Heart Church, the school is dedicated to preparing children to live their faith by word and example.

That every child is made in the image of God and deserving of dignity and respect

That the parents as the primary educators of their children are called to be the spiritual leaders of their families, model Christian virtues, pass on Gospel values, and support and affirm the teachers and staff of Sacred Heart School.

That we strive to educate the whole young person: Spiritually, Academically, Physically, and Socially


Schoolwide Learning Expectations

A Graduate of Sacred Heart School Will:


1. Be like Jesus

Know my prayers and Bible Stories

Show kindness in my thoughts and actions


2. Take care of God’s world

Be happy that God made us

Know that we are all God’s children


3. Care about others

Give to those in need

Work to make my world a better place


4. Be a good student

Speak and write clearly

Use what I have learned


5. Be ready to learn

Use what I have learned

Look, try, think, and do


6. Follow the rules

Be a good friend

Be a good sport


7. Be the best I can be

Have fun with music, art, and dance

Share my gifts


8. Take care of myself

Stay healthy and be happy with myself


Table of Contents


1.1 Code of Christian Conduct Covering Students, Parents, Guardians, and Other Responsible Adults

1.2 Zero Tolerance Policy

1.3 Safe Environment Training for Children and Youth

1.4 Guidelines for Adults Interacting With Minors At Parish Or Parish School Activities Or Events

1.5 Boundary Guidelines for Junior High and High School Youth Working or Volunteering with Children or Youth

1.6 Parent/Student Complaint Review Process

1.7 Parent or Parent-Teacher Organizations and Consultative School Council



2.1 School Student Non-Discrimination Policy

2.2 Inclusion Procedures (STEP & MAP Programs)

2.3 Guidelines for Admission to Elementary Schools